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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Table top sale

Me and a friend organised a table top sale and it went ok but a lot could not turn up so it was not as well supported as we hoped but it was fun anyway
This is my table I had plenty of choice but did not sell that much

I did a bit of card-making with the young ones

And I had a table for a friend of my mum who does paintings.
I have some of Marian's painting on my site Simply Cards if you wanted to buy them she also does commissions

My mum made some cushions and took some of dad's homegrown cucumbers she sold all the cucumbers but only a couple of cushions!

Free Downloadables

Found this great site it was formerly Alan and Barry's Crafts but it's now ICraftOnline
You get accesss to lots of downloadables and there is also a facebook group which you will find out about when you join