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Friday, 26 December 2008

Art Sketches

I am struggling with painting I want some kind of sketch but am not good at drawing (yet anyway) so I came up with an idea to convert some of my pictures into sketches, I managed to do it on Epson Photoimpression and here is a couple of examples which I can use to paint or colour in. It does not feel as much like cheating as paint by numbers but a good way to start out.

The Van Gogh Sunflowers is a from a photo I took of one of my paintings which I have in my room which was done by an artist friend of mine. The other is a rose in my parent's garden

Card Inserts

I have been working on card inserts with clip art images, I already have a template cd I use to set up my inserts but decided they needed jazzing up you can see them here and download them if you like but not sure how well they will print out from the pictures you will have to try and see. Please note they are for personal use only and not for resale

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Watercolour Vase of Flowers

I did this tonight as a break from telly watching, it's watercolour it's my first painting in watercolour for years I had fun but next time I will first wet the paper I used too much paint aparently beginners often do that and it's too dark I know:)

Monday, 15 December 2008


I have been making calendars of my dad's cartoons here is the front page I did it on publisher, I have a comb binder we dug out of the loft to bind them and they look pretty good IMHO

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award goes to.....

Lisa from Crafting Diva Designs kindly gave me this award
I am nominating these bloggers for this award:

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My ATC Book

I had a go at covering an old photo album which I store my atc collection in it is a bit tatty but does the trick. The letters are from
and the inside of the book here

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Waterfall Atc

I made this waterfall atc I used a kit (cheating I know) but they are hard to do otherwise

Beaded Card

I made this card for a swap - beaded - it would have been better if the circle would spin but maybe next time I'll try that. I used metallic glow in the dark thread.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Charity Cards

As I like to make cards for animal charities, I was asked by a dog charity if I would donate some cards for a competition they were having so I agreed and I am to send 4 of them to the runner-up here's one of them I made.
The topper I bought from this ebay shop
the paper is by Flair Designs

Craft Group

I have set up craft group for some friends in local fire station community room, starting in January we can fit around 20 people in the room (though might be a bit cramped!) so I am busy inviting people I have easily got 20 and included some elderly ones too including my mum who is great at most things including sewing so she might give us some tips and some like to do cross-stitch and others art, others cards so will make a nice bunch! Can't wait, if it goes well plan to do it every month or even more often and the great thing is the room is free to hire (but we will give donation as don't like to take that for granted)

Friday, 28 November 2008

Van Gogh Sunflowers

I got this from a friend who is an artist, we asked her to do us the painting and ended up with two similar ones, you can't have enough sunflowers I say!

She has been giving me some tips and inspiration for when I start painting

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fave Colour Atc

I did this atc for a swap Favourite Colour
I have a few fave colours so incorporated them all

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I just bought a book on ebay by Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right side of the Brain my friend who paints recommending it to me as it teaches you how to draw that is what I need as I am struggling with starting a painting as not that good at drawing yet. I also bought a scraperfoil of Labradors which I wanted to try it out they look really nice.

Hobby Card

I just did this card for a swap the theme was hobby and my hobby is chilling out

I used a pre-stamped image I bought at a craft stall and marvy le plume pens I tried water-colouring but forgot to use the right paper so it's not as good as I would have liked it to be.

Monday, 24 November 2008

art club

I went to an art class today with my mum's friend. I felt really shy when I walked in and I was of course the youngest there the average age was 70 so I felt slightly silly lol There was supposed to be a lady coming to teach pastels only she got lost and did not come so was rather disappointed as that was the reason I went. So my mum's friend and 2 other ladies and a man just sat talking not doing any art, so I said I want to do something so I tried drawing a toucan from the picture on the front of a paper pad that the lady had whilst they all stared at me and put me off!! I will scan it later it looks more like Rod Hull’s Emu lol I did not realise pastels were so messy but I like the affect I need a blending tool, this lady had one but I did not like using hers, I think flowers would look lovely. There were a few men there who were brilliant artists but they were too engrossed in doing their painting I daren’t interrupt them to ask anything.

Rose Painting

I painted this years ago not bad hey?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Floral Display

This was a gift from my friend who is doing a floristry course, she knew I love sunflowers and lilies and it was such a lovely surprise and I think it is amazing!

Mini Gift Card

This is a mini gift envelope which I made for a friend who is doing a floristry course to use with her displays.

Shrink Plastic

I made this at a craft demo, I was pleased with my first attempt at shrink plastic and I was addicted not done it in a bit though need to buy more soon!

Scraperfoil Picture

I got this beautiful picture from my friend Naomi

It is copper scraperfoil - it made my day and it's on the wall in my craft room

Peel-off Sticker Card

I love this card as it's bright and colourful.

I used peel-offs and mounted them on paper which I coloured in with glitter pens, I mounted a butterfly peel-off on paper and cut out to give 3d effect

Baby Card

This was a special card for a friend.

I used glitter glue for the nappy and the heart is shrink plastic, which I wrote the baby's name on

Iris Folded Flower

This was my first attempt at iris folding I found it hard and have not done one since but think they look great if you have the patience to do them!

Stacker Decoupage Card

I love this card, as it's a Labrador my fave dog!

Also I like decoupage but find it takes ages but this was easier as it's stacker decoupage

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Stitched Butterfly

This was my attempt at a stitched themed atc

I used a pattern from

It went a big wonky on the top right wing but practise makes perfect of course

Craft Group

I had a few friends round yesterday there were 7 of us in all, including 3 teenagers and a baby!
We don't get much card-making done, usually only in last half hour but it was great fun anyway.
I plan to have them once a month now and we are thinking of trying out different crafts including painting (not sure about that on my carpet though!)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Wedding Lay-out

This is a lay-out for my parents golden annversary album -

Papers and tags from Papermania Warm Nostagia kit. I used alphabet brads to spell the word Golden at the top with a strip of organza ribbon - the photo frame is one I printed from scrapbookscrapbook and the love quotes I printed onto vellum and mounted onto gold mulberry paper with brads

Love Lay-out

This is a lay-out I did for my parents golden anniversary album
The paper and tags were part of a Papermania Warm Nostalgia kit
I used acid free card and photo corners so I could use the original photos without glueing them directly

Journalling Lay-out

I used journal boxes from I got my neices friends to hand-write messages the background is gingham mulberry paper

Fun in The Sun

I made this scrapbook page for my neice,
I edited the photos on epson photo editor and cut round them I used a free printable background paper and the letters are from scrapbookscrapbook

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Golden Anniversary Card

I made this card for my parents golden anniversary which was last year, I used alphabet brads for their intials, vellum background and ornate photo corners and it was well received

Mothers Drawings

Here are some drawings of my mothers I think I might have ruined them by putting a big tick on them, I was playing teacher!

Vase of Flowers

I did this paint by numbers years ago - I think I'll frame it and make it out I did it!

Horse Oil Painting

I did this oil painting when I was around 17 I remember it taking me ages, it was based on a postcard I got inspiration from friends who were artists, I thought it was good till I showed my dad and he why I painted a pile of manure!! (the foal)

Elegant Lady Tapestry

I did this tapestry years ago it's really elegant isn't it?

My Dog Tara

This is of my dog Tara I copied it from a photo
not sure what I think to the flowers rather crummy lol

My Gran

Here is a picture I did of my gran it portrays her well she used to love Crossroads and used to say I like a good love story lol

Duran Duran Pencil Drawing

I was digging out some old art work and here is what I found I did this picture when at school I was mad on Duran Duran

Little Intro

Hi My name is Jane and I am 39. I suffer with ME and so I need crafts to keep me sane (though some would disagree it worked!)
I plan to tell you about my crafts - at present card-making and scrapbooking but soon painting as I decided that is going to be my new hobby