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Monday, 24 November 2008

art club

I went to an art class today with my mum's friend. I felt really shy when I walked in and I was of course the youngest there the average age was 70 so I felt slightly silly lol There was supposed to be a lady coming to teach pastels only she got lost and did not come so was rather disappointed as that was the reason I went. So my mum's friend and 2 other ladies and a man just sat talking not doing any art, so I said I want to do something so I tried drawing a toucan from the picture on the front of a paper pad that the lady had whilst they all stared at me and put me off!! I will scan it later it looks more like Rod Hull’s Emu lol I did not realise pastels were so messy but I like the affect I need a blending tool, this lady had one but I did not like using hers, I think flowers would look lovely. There were a few men there who were brilliant artists but they were too engrossed in doing their painting I daren’t interrupt them to ask anything.


crafting diva said...

Hi Jane sorry not visted for a while been so busy sounds like to had an right time at your art class, never really tryed pastels had a go at watercolouring but not really my thing. Can't wait to see you picture!!!

Jane said...

Hi Lisa me too I will see if I dare lol!

Elisabeth Braun said...

You need a cloth or some tissues (to wipe your fingers on) to hand when working with pastel. I love it though, although I must confess that pastel pencils are cleaner and easier to work with, so I've been amassing quite a collection of those over the last year.

Good for you for getting on doing some artwork anyway, even in front of all those people.=)

Jane said...

I heard you can use q-tips also.
I know I think I will get some more pencils the box I got was small and had blocks but I prefer the pencils, I hear oil pencils are good too have you tried those, ps I love your seahorse pastel picture! Jane