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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


I just bought a book on ebay by Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right side of the Brain my friend who paints recommending it to me as it teaches you how to draw that is what I need as I am struggling with starting a painting as not that good at drawing yet. I also bought a scraperfoil of Labradors which I wanted to try it out they look really nice.


Elisabeth Braun said...

I've got this book too. It's rather good, although I've yet to work through it. I've also got a painting version by an American chap called 'Painting With Your Artist's Brain', which is in a similar vein.

Jane said...

I have too, I got my artists kit then decided I needed to work on drawing, have yet to start!

Elisabeth Braun said...

Oh, I should do both at once, esp. if you're most interested in painting. You don't need to be marvllous at drawing to do a decent painting - just be able to get a passable outline!=)