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Friday, 26 December 2008

Art Sketches

I am struggling with painting I want some kind of sketch but am not good at drawing (yet anyway) so I came up with an idea to convert some of my pictures into sketches, I managed to do it on Epson Photoimpression and here is a couple of examples which I can use to paint or colour in. It does not feel as much like cheating as paint by numbers but a good way to start out.

The Van Gogh Sunflowers is a from a photo I took of one of my paintings which I have in my room which was done by an artist friend of mine. The other is a rose in my parent's garden


Elisabeth Braun said...

Start simple, then you'll be more likely to be happy with what you produce.=) I'm only at the 'single bloom' etc stage. A whole floral arrangement would overwhelm me completely, but the single blooms come out quite nicely.=)

Artisan Memories said...

Very good Idea Jane...I love how you made your pictures that away!!!
That is very innovative and a good way to start!!!
Love your blog!! Im following it now on my blog too.
Have a great day..
Your friend,
Laura Ann