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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Earning some cash!

I would like to find a way of making either a dvd or cd for crafters in the hope of earning a bit of cash, due to illness I am unable to work outside the home but this could be an ideal way as I am building myself back up to working again after years of not working, though I have my card supplies business it has not done very well and I found it hard to buy stock in due to lack of funds plus the storage problem so a dvd/cd would solve that problem too. I have found this cd
which I think might be good as I could use my own pictures so no copyright problem and then I could either sell themn as sheets or on a cd perhaps.
If anyone has any ideas or advice please get in touch thanks.


crafting diva said...

Hi Jane thanks for visting my blog and sounds like a good idea the dvd as new crafters always are on the look out for tips on how to do thing good luck with it all ahve to keep me posted on how it goes.

Elisabeth Braun said...

Do you have all, or any, of the filming equipment you would need to make a decently professional job of it? That's quite an important, practical consideration - as is someone competent to film you. You'd also need to produce good packaging graphics to make it look good etc.

A bit of market research would be invaluable, to see what's available already, how it's done, what it goes for and where there's a gap in the market. You'll sell more if you produce something that meets a need. I'm not sure, but I would imagine there are a lot of card making/scrapbooking things out there already, so you'll want to consider something original.

Then there's the matter of chosing a subject at which you are sufficiently proficient to market yourself as an expert on. You have to know enough about it to put together a full programme. People expect a lot from these products.

You're braver than me!=) I'm considering selling some designs to stitching mags (or at least trying to!!), but digital media is out of my league.=)

Good hunting, Jane!=)

Jane said...

I know sounds quite complicated I don't have a web cam but we do have a good digital camera which you can film with but it would be best to have something I could film myself a video camera perhaps, not sure. I have found this cd which I think might be good to buy as I could use my own photos to make the papers which perhaps then I could put on a cd or sell the printed papers.