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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Clearing the Clutter

I am at last getting my act together and clearing the clutter, I am huge horder and it's time I got to grips with it as they say clutter in the home creates clutter in the mind, my goal is to make my craft room a haven where I can relax at the moment it is very messy and cluttered and I must deal with it!
I joined this site which is really inspirational and since then I have been able to keep on top of things better I do 15 minutes of decluttering every day and have got my husband to join in with tidying his clothes in the bedroom which tend to be all over the floor (still working on him)
This was the state of my craft room in June 2006 prior to decorating
then in Sept 2006 improving


Elizabeth Braun said...

Good hunting!=) I wish I had a craft room *to* declutter!!!=) Hoping to get a place with an extra room when we get back....

What helped me to get my hubby to be less casual with mis-treating his clothes (he manages to *screw* them up when he takes them off and puts them down!), was telling him that I felt it undervalued the work I did to keep his things clean and neat. I spend time washing, mending and ironing things and then he wears them for an hour or two, takes them off and leaves them screwed in a ball and unfit to be seen when he picks them back up! Getting him a chair to fold or hang things on helped a lot as well. He's not totally cured, but it's better.=)

Dorcas said...

You're doing good, Jane! It already looks much better, but even in the before picture things are in boxes which isnt horrendous. But you'll feel better when everything is as you want it, youll be more comfortable and feel more creative. Keep up the good work.