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Monday, 10 May 2010

Craft Fair at Morley Town Hall May 8th

Well did the stall last Saturday at Morley Town Hall I was not able to get there till 10.15 my friend Annemaritta got there at 9.45 and it started at 10 so that was slightly embarassing:)
There was 2 other card stalls one right at the side of us so that was not great.  We had a few people who already make cards as usual so that is why I only took supplies with me as I learned from the last stall that cards do not really sell well.  I did not sell much at all, the stall was £18 and I don't think I took my share of the stall so that was a bit disappointing but anyway it was an achievement having ME. 
I sat making decoupage toppers it passed the time nicely and before we knew it was 2.30 and time to pack up.  Here is picture of me at the stall.


Annemaritta said...

I overslept and had nooo idea how long Jane had tried to call my phone or phones. Anyway, I got there :) It was fun and it was a great achievement to get out and about.

Loads of laugh and little business. To be honest, I was pretty proud to sell at least few cards!

Thanks, Jane! This was the first stall day out but hopefully not the last!

Jane said...

I only rang you once good job wasn't it? I know what an achievement for us both.
Yes you should be I think you took more than me I worked it out less than what it cost for the stall as I gave some things away. We should do it again one day.