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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Really useful boxes

I have filled 2 of my really useful boxes finally the ones with the 9 small drawers.
It is perfect for those little bits like banners, tags etc so it solves the problem of wading through a drawer to find what you want.  I filled the other with packs of brads and quicklets and labelled them so now I don't need to go through the whole box to find what I want anymore!

Any ideas for storing bigger die-cuts?
Also how does anyone sort their cuttlebug folders please?


airing cupboard crafts said...

sorry can't help mine are in a shoe box. The cuttlebug folders are in a tall tin.

Laura x

Spyder said...

I've just got my folders and die-cuts in bigger 'useful boxes!! don't you just love them!!

Ann-Marie said...

I have a lot of "photo" boxes (they are about the same size as shoe boxes but great colors)- not sure if you can get them in UK but I label the outside of them and them I know what I have inside.

Jane said...

good ideas thanks