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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Craft Storage Help needed

For those who have their own craft room what do you use for storage, I am looking for better ideas.
I noticed that some like the Ikea billy bookcases and some the expedit ones which do you like?


Elizabeth Braun said...

I use Billy bookcase and Kassett (white painted card) boxes of various sizes. I also have a couple of stacker boxes and some of those plastic tray things - like you get in vegetable racks (which is where 2 of mine came from!!)

All the best with the sales. It's a good idea. You can do a lot more good work when you have a simplified environment and stock. I plan to put some of my surplus up on e-bay next month, once the post-Xmas financial slump is over. I plan on selling a few kits I've changed my mind about working along with a few other bits. Like you though, I can't part with most of it, but I don't really need to as a lot of it does get used.

Jane said...

Sorry I just saw this I don't get emails when someone comments.
Yes I think the billy bookcases would work for me. I have given some things away via freecycle and I have been offering customers free cards as I have a huge stock of cards.
Regards Jane