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Friday, 28 January 2011

Really useful boxes

I got two of those really useful boxes they were on offer at Asda and I can't resist offers on storage at the moment!
I was thinking I would use them for brads/quicklets they are great I got the ones with 9 boxes I just like sturdy storage I was thinking the other might be good for die-cuts to sort them into shapes as I have them all in a huge box at the moment which is not easy to access


Annemaritta said...

I think I've been looking at the same boxes there and thinking they look great for craft storages. Few quid each, wasn't it? Another was red or yellow or blue and the other one black or grey?

Good stuff. Indeed! <3

Linda w said...

Hi Jane, thanks for becoming a follower on my blogs, I've been looking about for storage too - will have to check out asda. luv lin

Jane said...

Yes but I just have to find space for them on the shelves!